MOTY Rules 2019-2020

The MOTY – Multihull of the Year – is an election whose purpose is to determine the best new multihulls launched on the market. Designed and organized by the Multihulls World / Multicoques Mag team, the MOTY is now an annual event.

For this third edition, for 2019-2020, the nominated multihulls have been selected by our Jury – Gwen Dorning, Philippe Echelle and Emmanuel van Deth. The list of 16 nominees – four per category – was announced at the Annapolis Sailboat Show on October 10th 2019.


Under 40 feet

Libertist 853

Corsair 880


Excess 12


40 to 50 feet

Aventura 44

Elba 45

Nautitech New 46 Open

Neel 47


Over 50 feet

Knysna 500SE

Sunreef 50

Eagle Class 53




Bali 4.3 MY

Leopard 53 PC

Lagoon SIXTY 7

Sunreef 80 Power


Half of the election result will be determined by the votes of the readers of Multihulls World and Multihulls Mag, and the other half by the votes of the Jury – each member of the Jury will have one third of the total number of validated votes by the readers.

Readers can vote through a dedicated website: a vote will be considered valid if it has elected a multihull in each category. Any further vote by the same person will be considered void.

In order to avoid “ballot rigging”, votes coming from any professional email addresses of the nominated manufacturers will not be taken into account. That being said, any professionals concerned may vote by using a personal e-mail address.

The closing date for voting is April 14th 2020 – the opening of the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte.

The winners will be announced on April 16th at an official ceremony during the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte.